A keyless electronic locker system from Aussie Lockers Pty Ltd was selected by the Canberra International Sports and Aquatic Centre (CISAC) for its ability to deliver multiple benefits including revenue generation and convenience.

A major health and leisure centre for Canberra residents, the sports centre was built in 2002. Standard key lockers were specified by the architect for the venue; however, the Konstantinou Group, the owner of the venue, selected the keyless electronic locker system from Aussie Lockers for installation.

The Aussie keyless electronic locker system offered multiple benefits to the sports venue. To begin with, there was no outlay for the lockers. The revenue generation capabilities of the keyless lockers deliver an ongoing benefit for the venue. The lockers generate revenue from membership fees for members of the sports centre to access the lockers as well as from casual users accessing the system via coins with all income split equally.

All ongoing servicing and replacement of parts is handled by Lockers.com, the supplier of the locker system, eliminating any need for the sports centre to worry about the upkeep.

Additionally, the sports venue need not install a large number of lockers since a single locker can be used by several users during the course of a day. Once a user has vacated their locker, it goes back into public use.

The success of the Aussie keyless locker system at the Canberra International Sports and Aquatic Centre led to more installations of the lockers at 10 health clubs operated by the Konstantinou Group over a 12-year period. All the locker systems operating at these venues are connected to the internet, enabling Lockers.com to upload new software, troubleshoot problems, and email monthly usage reports to the venues.

Key features of Aussie keyless lockers include choice of various sizes; one access point capable of controlling up to 64 lockers of any configuration; and premium quality timber or galvanised powder coated metal construction with stainless steel frames.

The CISAC facility has over 400 lockers installed with timber lockers for the health club and metal lockers for the pool deck.