Travertine is increasingly being preferred over marble and granite as a tough paving solution. A crystallised form of limestone, this sedimentary rock is characterised on the surface by natural pits and voids as well as unique lines and patterns in a wide variety of colours and shades.

Travertine has a unique quality not seen in other natural stone varieties - the colour is susceptible to metamorphosis after production. Pale shades, for instance, can become brighter due to the oxidation of iron salts in the stone’s structure.

Travertine is known to be a hard-wearing as well as beautiful material since ancient times, and is widely used for indoor and outdoor installations. In outdoor applications, travertine is an excellent choice for pool and patio paving due to its heat resistance and slip resistance, and combines all the advantages of natural stone including solidity, durability, and eco-friendliness.

Travertine pavers are available from leading stone specialist Artmar Natural Stone Warehouse.