The red perforated metal trend in architecture has its own fan base. But what makes it so popular?

Red is one of the strongest colours in the architectural palette. ‘Red: Architecture in Monochrome’ is a book that celebrates the use of the colour on buildings around the world. When used on buildings, the colour really pops and stands out on a built landscape. Across different cultures, red signifies many things – power, danger, strength and love, and even luck, prosperity, celebration and happiness.

Red is basically one of the most emotionally-triggering and standout colours you can use in an architectural project – which brings us to red perforated metal.

Vibrant, bold and aesthetically appealing, red perforated metal isn’t for everyone, especially those with subtle and restrained tastes.

But when you want to use red on your buildings to make an architectural statement in a cost-effective way, red perforated metal is the way to go. When used as a facade, red perforated metal delivers an intense and instant impact to the building. Even when used in specific places such as balustrades, red perforated metal becomes an immediate focal point.

Making red perforated metal

Go bold with Arrow Metal’s red perforated metal in your project. Available in-stock, made-to-order or customised, the perforated metal can be coloured red in any shade of your preference, from classic bright and bold reds to rich ruby tones.

Colour is added to perforated metal either by anodising or powder-coating the material.

Anodising makes your perforated metal more durable. Colours can be added during the anodising process, resulting in a weather-resistant finish that won’t peel or flake.

Powder-coating applies paint powder electrostatically, resulting in a hard, coloured metal surface.

Consult with Arrow Metal Systems on the type of finish to use for your red perforated metal, depending on your chosen base material, application, location and any environmental factors.

Download our brochure and explore our range of in-stock and made-to-order perforated metal, or our bespoke perforated metal solutions.