Arrow Metal has years of expertise in designing and manufacturing perforated metal. Here are three ways you can save money when buying perforated metal and make your budget go further without compromising on the design, quality, finish or performance.

1. Base material – find the cheapest metal to perforate

There’s a lot of choice when it comes to base metal options for your perforated metal: choose from aluminium, brass, stainless steel, mild steel, pre-galvanised steel and galvanneal. While some of these metals are more suited to certain jobs than others because of their inherent strength and durability, it’s worth knowing which is the cheapest – and which is usually the most expensive.

Steel is one of the cheapest metals suitable for perforation. Durable, strong and heavy, steel finds use in construction where metal is needed in huge quantities. Aluminium finds favour with designers for architectural perforated metal projects while brass, which is the most expensive, is used mostly for decorative purposes.

Consult with Arrow Metal on which metal you need to use based on your requirements for performance, aesthetics, budget and any environmental considerations.

2. Achieve a customised look for less with the right finish

When it comes to saving costs on your perforated metal, get a custom finish that raises its aesthetics substantially. A custom finish not only adds the perfect final touch to your perforated metal but can also make even the most standard perforated metal pattern look completely unique. Add metallic coatings to get the same aesthetic as brass or gold, or choose weathered effects for an on-trend, worn-in look.

3. Standard perforation patterns are just as impressive

For a truly unique, one-of-a-kind design outcome, you might opt for a fully-customised, CAD-drawn bespoke perforated metal product. However, standard perforation patterns can impress too. Standard perforation patterns at Arrow Metal go far beyond just the basic square and round shapes. These are always available in-stock, ready to ship and budget-friendly.

Arrow Metal’s made-to-order profiles include futuristic geometric patterns and can be made to your precise specifications, including open area percentage, pitch, thickness and finish. So you still get a customised product, without the high cost.

Buying perforated metal: Expert advice to save you money

Talk to the Arrow Metal team today about your perforated metal requirements and get the best value-for-money solution for your budget.