Bespoke perforated aluminium panels from Arrow Metal were used to create a safe and accessible passenger walkway during the renovation of the Hazelbrook train station in NSW.

Executed under the Transport for NSW Transport Access Program, which aims to provide passengers a better, safer and more seamless public transport experience through new facilities, the Blue Mountains station’s renovation encompassed new lifts, parking spaces and amenities, all designed to improve accessibility for users.

The passenger walkway, which was created as part of the Program, was made using Arrow Metal perforated aluminium panels. However, to introduce visual interest and modern appeal, the architect chose a design where the custom perforated sheet metal would have multiple perforation styles.

Bespoke panels with 3D effect

The unusual patterns on the panels begin with outlines of geometric shapes at the very top, slowly graduating to random filled-in areas, creating shadows and a stacked 3D block effect, and finally evolving at the bottom into a solid panel featuring smaller-sized perforations.

Arrow Metal achieved this complex effect by first splitting the design across two separate perforated metal sheets in each section, using CAD tools for accurate pattern matching. Each pair of panels was then joined together onsite using ‘invisible’ clear 6mm polycarbonate, with no visible joins.

The custom perforated panels are made from a special 5052 grade of aluminium – the high strength yet lightweight metal with high corrosion resistance is sourced and shipped from interstate. Arrow Metal created the perforated panels, working closely with the onsite teams and completing the project well within the tight schedules of the renovation.

Arrow Metal expertise for infrastructure and transport projects

The renovation at the Hazelbrook train station is the latest infrastructure project that showcases Arrow Metal’s expertise in large-scale multi-million-dollar transport developments.

Arrow Metal’s other transport and train station projects include custom footbridge panels for the revamp of Harris Park station, bespoke panels for Oatley station’s spectacular footbridge and balustrade, and panels for Brisbane Ferry Terminal.