Tune Hotel in Melbourne features vinyl flooring from Armstrong Flooring Pty Ltd in realistic wood grain and beautiful solid stone looks.

Skematics Architects specified Acadian Oak Well Versed from the Timberline series, and Anthracite and Andesite from the Translations series for the hotel’s floors. The project was completed in November 2013.

Timberline: Acadian Oak Well Versed

The Timberline series is a range of heterogeneous vinyl sheets featuring realistic wood grains with finishes including everything from warm Oak to more modern and subdued Surit, Obra and Blanc looks. The High Commercial rating for Timberline vinyl flooring shows that it is robust enough for high traffic areas.

Translations: Anthracite, Andesite

Armstrong Flooring’s Translations range of heterogeneous vinyl sheets includes stunning carpet looks in Origami, Maze and Tweed, along with the visual appeal of solid stone in Lithos Stone and Sidecar. The Translations series is suitable for applications where the flooring needs to combine a High Commercial rating with unparalleled appeal.

Both Timberline and Translations ranges of vinyl flooring are easy to clean and have an impervious surface that allows for quick and easy cleaning of spills and soiling. The protective polyurethane reduces initial and ongoing maintenance and increases scuff resistance. The vinyl flooring doesn’t require polish.

Armstrong’s commercial range includes vinyl sheet flooring, vinyl sheet walling and vinyl tiles.