Architectural & Industrial Coatings  provide a range of anti graffiti coatings for commercial and industrial applications and are avialable in a clear and coloured system.

Anti Graffiti clear is an durable anti-graffit coating for porous and substrates such as masonry inside and out for a clear result. Anti Graffiti Colour is used for a durable coloured Anti Graffiti coating. Anti Graffiti Clear and Colour has been designed for on site application and is a semi-sacrificial water based system. It has good UV resistance, low dirt retention, and can be used as an anti-carbonation coating.

Architectural & Industrial Coatings Anti Graffiti Clear is available in a semi-gloss or satin finish and has been engineered to withstand up to 3 graffiti hit and removal cycles.

Useful applications for Anti Graffiti clear as vehicle tunnels, retaining walls, offices, schools and many more

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