With the government mandating Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP) with high percentages of polyethylene (PE) to be removed from buildings, the Australian combustible cladding crisis has led to a new disposal problem with a large part of this material ending up in landfills.

While all Aluminium Facade Systems ProClad products are 100% solid aluminium and 100% recyclable, the company seeks to contribute to the protection of the environment by providing a full solution for the recycling of combustible ACP cladding removed from Australian buildings, thereby, diverting it from landfills.

Aluminium Facade Systems has partnered with PanelCycle because they promote a circular economy that moves away from single use products by feeding recyclables into the manufacturing stage to re-use the embodied carbon within the existing, now redundant ACP cladding panels.

PanelCycle’s strategy revolves around reducing plastic and aluminium waste, and removing non-compliant combustible cladding from building sites.

The PanelCycle Recycling Process

Collection: Together with Aluminium Facade Systems, PanelCycle will organise a customised transport solution to collect the materials removed from your site and transport this to our facility.

Separation: The recycling process consists of the collected panels being broken down through specialised equipment and then separated into aluminium and polyethylene using pulse air and electrostatic separation.

Manufacture: The aluminium will be used for manufacturing of recycled building materials whilst the polyethylene will be re-manufactured into other products where the combustible properties of the polyethylene are not an issue. All manufacturing of end products will take place in Australia.

Report: On completion, we will provide a project specific report for each individual project. The report will provide full transparency from the moment the ACP leaves your site through to completion of manufacturing into final products. This report will be audited by a third party and certified.

Aluminium Facade Systems and Alspec are committed to the best sustainability practices.