For nearly 100 years, Altro have led the global market in resilient wall sheets and flooring systems. With their new selection of front of house flooring products, Altro draws on their experience in providing high quality back of house products to round out their diverse product catalogue and provide a complete project solution for durable, contemporary, and highly customisable flooring products.

The new release of Altro front of house products features three distinct lines: Altro Operetta, Altro Orchestra, and Altro Serenade. The different ranges meet the varied needs of busy front of house commercial spaces, and are compatible with Altro’s existing product suite to ensure seamless finishes between spaces.

Altro Operetta

Designed to meet the demands of medium to high traffic commercial spaces, Altro Operetta is ideal for healthcare, retail, and educational environments. Combining a high degree of durability with a low maintenance, easy to clean surface, Altro Operetta provides a seamless resilient floor finish where performance and style are paramount. The resilient flooring also doubles as acoustic insulation, and can reduce sound levels within a space by 4dB.

The 2mm thick flooring product can be paired with Altro’s extensive range of wall cladding products for enhanced performance and a consistent, cohesive look: combine Operetta with Altro Whiterock when hygienic surfaces are required, or with Altro Fortis wall protection where extra impact protection is needed. Altro Operetta can also be mixed and matched with flooring in the Altro Orchestra and Serenade lines.

Like all products in Altro’s new front of house selection, Altro Operetta is free of harmful o-phthalates, which have been linked to endocrine and metabolic disorders. It is available in 25 attractive contemporary colours and finishes, making it the perfect addition to interior design schemes of any style.

Altro Orchestra

Offering outstanding acoustic insulation properties, Altro Orchestra is designed for spaces where acoustic management and comfort are critical. The 2.85mm thick flooring provides a dense, durable floor covering that helps create quiet, comfortable spaces for living and learning. Orchestra’s smooth, seamless surface is combined with a high static coefficient of friction that ensures a non-slip finish when the floor is both wet and dry. Low residual indentation allows Orchestra to spring easily back into shape even with repeated movement of furniture and equipment, including hospital beds and trolleys.

Thanks to an integrated impact sound insulation system, Altro Orchestra reduces impact sound by up to 15dB, a significant figure that can spell the difference between acoustic comfort and discomfort. In addition, its dense composition and fleece backing provide a soft surface that maximises underfoot comfort for patients, occupants, and busy staff, who are constantly on the move.

Altro Orchestra is available in 40 designs and colours varying from calming neutrals to vibrant jewel tones, giving designers unmatched flexibility to choose the most appropriate option for their interior environment.

Altro Serenade

Perfect for environments where the highest possible level of acoustic management is essential, Altro Serenade is Altro’s highest performing acoustic solution for front of house flooring. Robust, comfortable, and an excellent acoustic insulator, Altro Serenade is well suited to a diverse range of environments including kindergartens, offices, hotel rooms, and multi-residential environments. Its noise blocking and absorption capabilities also allow it to minimise the passage of sound along circulation spaces and between storeys.

At 3.9mm thick, Altro Serenade is a dense, absorbent flooring option that reduces impact sounds by up to 19dB and maximises comfort underfoot. Its comfortable, resilient nature provides a suitable seating surface for children in home, childcare, and kindergarten environments, a quality that is enhanced by its Altro Easyclean™ finish and low maintenance requirements.

As versatile as it is high performance, Altro Serenade is available in 15 colour and design options, and coordinates with Altro Orchestra and Operetta flooring products. Altro Serenade can also be combined with Altro’s extensive range of wall cladding products for a coherent, seamless finish throughout.

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