Sustainability is a major driver today in every manufacturing operation. Be it materiality or processes, many companies understand the need to minimise the impact of their products on the environment right from production, through installation and use, and beyond end of life.

Altro Flooring and Walling is completely focussed on exploring new ways to make their products more sustainable. One such area where their efforts have been successful is sustainable flooring that can be installed without adhesives and also reused or recycled at the end of its life.  

Altro Adhesive-Free technology

Altro Adhesive-Free technology allows the flooring to be installed using a welding process, ensuring the floor is ready for use the same day. Being adhesive-free, the installation can be removed for reuse or recycling with ease, making Altro’s flooring a more sustainable option over many other types of flooring. Altro offers a selection of flooring products that can be installed without adhesive or glue.

Advantages of adhesive-free flooring

Adhesive free flooring offers both environmental and practical advantages. Installation of the floor by welding minimises downtime because there is no drying time involved before the floor can be used. The same-day welding process secures the flooring in place, making it ready to be walked on immediately. This makes the space available for use right after the installation, saving both time and money for the client.

Being adhesive-free, there are no odours to deal with or any need to switch off underfloor heating, both of which would have been an issue in an installation involving glue. The absence of odours also eliminates any impact on the indoor air quality.

How is Altro adhesive-free flooring more sustainable?

Altro Adhesive-Free technology ensures the installed flooring doesn’t bind to the underfloor, enabling quick and easy removal. Also ideal for temporary flooring installations, Altro’s adhesive-free floors can be moved around when required or removed and resold during upgrades. By ensuring reuse in other installations, or allowing recycling at end of life to create new flooring material, Altro offers a more sustainable flooring option.

Waste minimisation is also part of Altro’s sustainability promise: Any leftover flooring can be returned to Altro to be reused elsewhere or dropped off at a Recofloor collection point for recycling.

Altro’s sustainable flooring options

Altro Cantata

Altro Cantata

Altro Cantata in Frosted Glass

A smooth flooring with a modernist vibe, Altro Cantata is exceptionally easy to clean, making it an excellent choice for high traffic spaces such as corridors or healthcare settings. Being hardwearing and scuff-resistant, the floor retains its look and feel over its lifetime.

Altro XpressLay

Altro XpressLay

Altro XpressLay in Temple

Altro XpressLay is a safety flooring with grip that makes it suitable for areas with high risk of slips. Designed for rapid installation using a tape system, the floor is recommended for spaces that can’t afford downtime. Altro’s PUR technology ensures industry-leading ease of cleaning while the flooring’s superior chemical- and stain-resistance makes it perfect for general purpose areas and walkways.

Altro Wood

Altro Wood

Altro Wood Adhesive-free in Champagne Oak

Another example of Altro’s award-winning adhesive-free technology, Altro Wood combines speedy installation with a 14db sound reduction and one-in-a-million slip resistance assurance to create a safe and acoustically comfortable environment with an elegant wood look that makes it great for residential and care environments.

Visit the Altro website to learn more about our adhesive-free technology and products.

Main image: Altro Wood adhesive-free flooring in Champagne Oak