Altro XpressLay, an adhesive-free safety floor from Altro Flooring and Walling was installed at a temporary COVID-19 clinic in Canberra within a challenging timeframe.

The rising number of COVID-19 cases necessitated the building of several temporary clinics to keep up with testing and treatment requirements.

For the COVID-19 Surge Centre in Canberra, Manteena Commercial Pty Ltd was commissioned to build a fully functioning clinic that could be packed up, stored, and rebuilt wherever the building was required next. Given the urgency of the situation, they needed products that were in stock, hygienic, hardwearing, safe and fast to install, and, very importantly, reusable.

Manteena approached Master Carpets to source the right materials for the project. Having worked with Altro for many years, Master Carpets was confident about the quality of their materials.

Altro XpressLay adhesive-free flooring was chosen for the fitout. The temporary clinic was built in 37 days, from breaking ground to a fully functioning facility.

“Due to the tight program and the requirement of the brief for the building to be easily relocated, we required a resilient flooring product that required little floor prep as well as having the flexibility to be rolled up and relayed in the future if required. Altro XpressLay was the only product available on the market that was able to meet this requirement,” Manteena’s Rod Mitton said.

“Master Carpets was given the opportunity to provide an essential service to the community and support the construction of the Aspen Medical COVID clinic. We installed 1800m² of flooring over 5 consecutive nights. The Altro XpressLay system was the only way to achieve this challenging project timeframe, including working with other trades and a cold Canberra climate. The end result was a defect-free installation, satisfying all stakeholders in supporting the needs of the community during these uncertain times,” Master Carpets’ Richard Palmer added.

Altro XpressLay

The world’s first-ever, adhesive-free safety floor that can save money on materials, ensure quick turnaround on installation, and offer unrivalled sustainability credentials. A revolutionary development in the evolution of safety flooring, Altro XpressLay is installed using a tape system instead of adhesive and can be easily removed post-installation, reused at another project, and then be recycled at the end of its life.

With a generous palette of 30 colours in bright and subtle, sparkle-free designs as well as decorative chipped options, Altro XpressLay offers the flexibility of choice to meet your design requirements.