In Australia, all building work must meet levels of performance specified in the National Construction Code (NCC) to ensure buildings are safe, healthy and durable. Using cheap, inferior building products can lead to buildings that fail to meet strict requirements for reliability and quality. The proliferation of such products on the Australian market means that a careful specification process is required to ensure specified solutions, including door systems, are “fit for purpose”, NCC-compliant and meet the needs of modern building projects.

'Entry requirements: Specifying “fit for purpose” doors systems for commercial and residential buildings' summarises the Australian regulatory requirements applying to doors and explores the key considerations when specifying door systems for commercial and residential projects. First, we look at the relevant Australian standards and regulations. We then examine the criteria for specifying high quality door systems including the “fit for purpose” requirement under the NCC, various performance requirements, evidence of product compliance, and cost and aesthetic considerations. Finally, we present a premium door jamb system that combines strength, versatility and visual appeal.

Altro Building Systems are the market leaders in the design and manufacture of sliding and swing door systems and their respective components for the Australian construction industry. With stringent testing standards and quality controls, the company offers reliable, high performing solutions with designs that can meet any specification.

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