There comes a time in every homeowner’s life when a bathroom renovation becomes absolutely unavoidable. There are many reasons why people consider renovating their bathrooms – outdated design, cramped layout and accessibility are key drivers for a makeover. However, a bathroom renovation project can be a period of stress not only because of decisions to be made on material selection but also because of the expected mess and noise that can be very intrusive and disturbing.

Taking out old tiles during a bathroom renovation is a noisy and dusty process; replacing them is equally messy and can also be very expensive. However, Allstar Plastics offers a practical solution that not only eliminates the need to remove your existing tiles but also speeds up the renovation, all without compromising on the aesthetics and your design expectations.

With large PLEXIGLAS acrylic sheets from Allstar Plastics, a homeowner can wrap up a bathroom renovation project quickly and cost-effectively, minus the mess, dirt and noise.

Easy installation

PLEXIGLAS is available in two types for use as cladding for the walls as well as in the form of shower walls. Lisa Langel, expert for interior construction at PLEXIGLAS explains that both PLEXIGLAS Hi-Gloss and PLEXIGLAS Optical HC panels are easy to process for bathroom design as they can be drilled and cut to size without any problems – even onsite during the renovation, which would not be possible with glass cladding.

Design advantages

Key advantages of PLEXIGLAS Hi-Gloss and PLEXIGLAS Optical HC panels include ability to withstand constant temperature changes and high humidity in the bathroom; pore-free surface that is easy to clean and impervious to commercial cleaning agents; unusual depth effect for enhanced visual appeal; and unlimited design possibilities when integrated with printed graphics or photographs.

Both PLEXIGLAS panel types can be used in bathroom renovations with the choice left to the planner’s design objectives. About the elegant depth effect, Langel explains that PLEXIGLAS Hi-Gloss creates this effect with an additional highly glossy and transparent PLEXIGLAS layer on the coloured layer beneath, making the colours seem even more vibrant and intense.

For those who prefer to decorate their walls or shower walls uniquely when renovating their bathroom, the inherently colourless PLEXIGLAS Optical HC allows for further design possibilities in addition to the unusual depth effect. For example, the processors can print decorations such as stone or wood patterns, or even individual photographs on one side of the 2mm PLEXIGLAS Optical HC plate.

Ideas for a modern bathroom

DIY enthusiasts and professional installers alike can either glue the wall cladding or shower walls made of PLEXIGLAS Hi-Gloss and PLEXIGLAS Optical HC panels directly to the tiled section or install them in a profile system. According to Langel, the sheets create large, homogeneous, jointless surfaces in the bathroom, meeting the current trends in bathroom design as well as providing a material that doesn’t allow lime and dust to stick to the surface as much.

To retain the finish well into the future, the scratch-resistant PLEXIGLAS Optical HC can be installed or PLEXIGLAS Hi-Gloss can be coated with a scratch-resistant layer on one side.