Open concept bathrooms are increasingly trending in medium to high density residential building projects that have tighter constraints on the building’s footprint. Open concept bathrooms allow the bathroom space to be maximised, with boxed shower units replaced by fully tiled showers that provide a seamless wet area with minimal impact on available space.

A traditional tiled shower uses a waterproof membrane system bonded to a leak control flange to create a ‘tanked’ area. Tiles are then laid over the membrane with the appropriate fall towards a channel or point drain. Allproof has built its reputation through a wide range of products and their integration with waterproof membrane systems.

However, with bathroom spaces being opened up, there is demand in the market for a tiled waterproof system that provides the same level of assurance as a regular shower tray.

A stainless steel shower tray creates an impermeable barrier below the tiles that is highly resistant to any movement within the structure. This is an important consideration when creating timber framed multi-level dwellings with bathrooms above ground level or any development with intertenancy levels.

Allproof stainless steel tile over trays are customisable to each project and designed to reduce the installer’s work. Each tiled shower tray caters to the unique variables of the project including overall size, shape, entrances/wall upstands, tile depths and grate options. The tray is supplied as a complete unit with the engineered base attached.

The production of Allproof’s custom tile over shower trays begins with the client completing a form with measurements. Allproof will then follow up with any questions and supply a shop/production drawing for approval. By using a system with built in fall, the builder removes the need for screeding on site, saving time and costs. The tray is fixed into place and tiles are directly applied following the install guide. The same process can be followed for stainless steel wall niches, a recent addition to the Allproof offering.