Passive fire protection is a critical consideration when building high-density residential projects. With this in mind, Allproof manufactures passive fire protection products for plumbing penetrations and fittings using high-performance intumescent technology.

Allproof’s products are designed to contain a fire in the compartment of origin, limiting the spread of fire and smoke for a sufficient period, thereby allowing safe evacuation of residents from the building while also reducing potential damage.

Allproof has built an extensive testing portfolio with independent IANZ accredited fire testing laboratories. Allproof consistently works with the industry to provide exceptional products that can help overcome issues regularly faced on site. All products are tested to AS1530.4 – 2005 and AS4072.1 – 2005, and meet building regulations. Test result references are available in Allproof’s Passive Fire Protection brochure with installation details and product selection advice, all available for download from the Allproof website.

With an extensive range of products designed to fit varying installation methods and scenarios commonly faced in Australia and New Zealand, Allproof Industries works with designers to find the best solution for any project. These product options aid the installation of passive fire protection in concrete install scenarios by offering pre-pour and retrofit fire collars, fire wraps and drop in fire collars for varying floor types. For plasterboard situations, retrofit fire collars and fire wraps used in conjunction with a fire band can provide an effective solution.

Consult with Allproof about the best products for your applications and construction methods being used for your project.

Fire collars

 (L – R) Low Profile Fire Collars, Cast-In Fire Collars, Drop-In Fire Collars