Allproof has introduced a new drainage channel moulded from 100% recycled plastic in continuation of their focus on locally made and environment-friendly production processes.

Allproof’s new 200mm clear opening drainage channel addresses the gap in the market for a medium duty, high-capacity drain product. With over 12 months of effort invested in design and tooling, this NZ-made drainage channel is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic and will deliver excellent hydraulic results and installation benefits. The new recycled plastic drainage channel has also been produced using renewable solar energy at Allproof’s manufacturing facility in Auckland.

Allproof works on a design philosophy of keeping all production in-house where possible. From the product design team and the toolmakers to the manufacture and assembly of the finished product, Allproof manages the whole process from their Auckland manufacturing plant. This allows them to maintain good levels of stock and reduce reliance on markets with complex supply chains, while delivering products of the quality associated with Australasian-made.

Allproof recently completed a large solar installation on the roof of its main production facility. Covering an area of 1700m², the solar panels generate a projected average of 750kWh of electricity per day and save 50 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere every year. The solar panels meet 48% of Allproof’s power requirements with clean renewable energy generated onsite at the production facility housing its fleet of injection moulding machines. To give context, this is enough power to supply approximately 59 average homes in the state of Victoria. The clean energy combined with the use of post-consumer (kerbside) recycled plastic provides the Australian market with high performing and sustainable drainage solutions.

Allproof’s new drainage system includes the option of GFP grates that are moulded in-house and offer a black, linear heel-proof grate in keeping with current design trends. Alternatively, the cast iron grates are also heel-proof and allow the system to achieve a Class D load rating in accordance with AS3996. Additionally, there is a 316 stainless steel wedge wire grate available with a Class B load rating and R11 slip resistance (AS4586), ideal for pedestrian areas and light vehicles.

The inline sump provides a linear solution for sediment catchment, not interrupting the visible line of the installed channel and allowing for connection to the stormwater system.

Working with the market to produce a user-friendly system, the click-together connections eliminate the requirement for other components such as corners, making the installation fast and labour-efficient. Channels can be haunched into concrete to set heights or alternatively, they can utilise Allproof’s unique channel levelling system to set channels to desired levels.

Allproof realises the importance of respecting the environment in their production process. Reducing the reliance on offshore manufacturing helps reduce the environmental impact of this product range and provides additional control of the manufacturing process and inputs. This product range and a number of other products injection moulded in Auckland utilise locally sourced 100% recycled plastics as much as possible. This means that Allproof is using kerbside recycling to create a large range of secondary recycled plumbing and drainage products that are more sustainable and enhance the lifecycle of plastics.