PVC strip doors from Albany Door Systems are suitable for interior and exterior applications and can be used in a variety of different ways. These strip doors are able to control such things as wind, rain, noise, dust, heat, cold, humidity and insects from entering a specified area. They can also be used as a barrier to mark out a particular area. For example an area for incoming or outgoing goods or a containment area for goods that have special handling requirements.

The strip doors are easy to install. Their design incorporates a stripview aluminium head rail and stripview flexi hardware which is easily fixed with standard fastener products to the face or within the opening of the door way. They also have an adjustable mounting system which gives them added installation flexibility.

A large range of different sized PVC strips are available for these strip doors. The selection of which PVC strip would depend on the size of the door, how much traffic goes through the door and whether an overlap configuration is desired by the client. Bulk rolls of PVC in 50 and 20 metre lengths are readily available. Other widths are also available on request. Importantly for safety reasons Albany's PVC product is antistatic, UV resistant, flame retardant and has crystal clarity.