Jay Jays, an Australian apparel chain owned and operated by the Just Group, features premium LED light fittings from Aglo Systems at over 30 of their retail stores. Aglo Systems has been providing their lighting design services as well as LED lights to Just Group brands for over two years, with more than 50 stores fitted out till date Australia wide.

For the Jay Jays store at the Eastland Shopping Centre in Melbourne, Aglo provided a lighting design that ensured all areas were brightly and evenly illuminated while meeting Just Group’s lux level criteria and BCA guidelines for wattage.

The lighting fitout met the required 2200lx level for the window display and 2400lx for the rear wall bays. The fittings are a warm 3500K colour temperature and feature a high CRI 90 for excellent colour rendering.

For the rectangular dropped ceiling feature running the length of the store, a black Powertrack was used with Aglo’s spotlight fittings Wally and Cast. Using Wally rectangular spotlights avoids scalloping along the wall bays and provides even illumination from ceiling to floor. Zenith downlights in 4400lm were placed in a row through the centre of the ceiling for general lighting.

The lighting design specified vintage-industrial looking gold cage pendants for the changerooms. Aglo sourced and supplied these fittings specifically for Jay Jays’ store rollouts. Polar downlights were used for the general changeroom area and LED strip lighting was installed around the changeroom mirrors to avoid unappealing shadows on the customer.

Aglo also supplied Sirius LED battens for the back-of-house area and the illuminated emergency signage.

Aglo products used for the Jay Jays store included Wally, Cast, Powertrack, Polar, Zenith, Stealth-4 XL SQ, Extro 14.4w/m and Sirius.