Adelaide Glass Block Co  offers glass block technology and it has been operating in this business for the past sixteen years. Adelaide Glass Block supplies glass block technology imported from Italy, Czech Republic, Japan and Germany.

Adelaide Glass Block Co offers a variety of Italian glass blocks including Fidenza DO, Fidenza DP,
Fidenza DT and Fidenza DI. The different models of Czech glass block includes Janus DW, Zenith, Clearview, Haze, Wave, Pacific, Fat Rib, Optical, Narrow Rib and Janus YC.

Adelaide Glass Block Co supplies an entire gamut of German glass block including Flora, Orsa, Clearview, Light Diffusing, Satina, Cross-Ribbed, Riva, Savona, Stella, Digona, Kosmos, Flemish, Venus, Samba, Light Directing, Marin and Clearview Satin.

The glass blocks offered by Adelaide Glass Block Co are used for kitchens, bathrooms, outdoors and living areas. The glass bocks use solar energy by permitting the winter sun to make contribution to room heating. The glass blocks also reduce overheating of interiors in summers caused by penetration of sunlight. Thus energy is saved by reducing the cooling and heating expenses. The glass block is manufactured by combining two halves of a glass which providesthe thermal insulation.