Storage brackets, trolleys and boxes from Acromat maximises the use of available storage area and help minimize damage to sports equipment.

Storage brackets come vertical and horizontal in four, three and two posts designed for badminton, netball, volleyball and tennis.

The horizontal storage brackets are for facilities where storeroom ceiling height is too low to store posts vertically. They consist of a pair of brackets to store posts or other equipment horizontally.

The storage box with wheels is useful for storing nets, balls, or other equipment. The box is made of plywood 19mm thick and fitted with non-marking castor wheels (1500 by 600 by 600mm).

Storage trolleys for game posts and hockey barriers are also available. The storage trollies for game posts have a max load of 250kgs and have a dimension of 1600 by 600 by 980mm. The hockey barrier storage trolley is designed for the storage of 4000mm long hockey barriers (2135 by 680 by 750mm).