Absoe Business Equipment  buys, hires and sells a wide range of used and new furniture and equipment for all types of businesses. Products from Absoe Business Equipment include office equipment, shop fittings, industrial shelving, pallet racking and industrial equipment.

Office equipment supplied by Absoe Business Equipment include chairs, boards, bookcases, cabinets, cartoned furniture, desks , electrical equipment, office compactus, partitions, screens, personal lockers, replacement keys, tables, telemarketing booths, trolleys and workstations. Special office equipment from Absoe business Equipment include executive chairs, filling cabinets, mobile pedestals and stationery cabinets.

Shop fittings from Absoe Business Equipment include racks, bags, coat hangers, assorted shelving, wallstrips, body forms and torsos, grooved MDF and fixtures, mesh, slatbox, baskets, guns, signs, frames, cubes and showcases, counters, jewelery, spinners, brochure holders, mirrors, market racks, maxislots, nupoles and cash handling and queuing systems. Special shop fitting products such as shopping trolleys and female torsos are also available from Absoe Business Equipment.

Industrial shelving from Absoe Business Equipment includes steel shelving, longspan shelving, bins and crates, compactus, lockup cabinets, materials handling, raised storage, roller doors, safety equipment, workbenches and self storage pallet style. Absoe Business Equipment has recently purchased large quantity shelving like 3800 bay brownbuilt shelving and 280 bay steelbuilt channel shelving.