An ancient Roman art form that uses hundreds of small, broken pieces of coloured stone, ceramic or glass to create vibrant, intricate patterns, mosaics continue to define and enrich architectural spaces even today.

Mosaic is trending in bathroom design with the style used to instantly distinguish or personalise a particular feature of interest in the space. Be it a shower wall, the flooring around a freestanding bath or the splashback of a bathroom vanity, mosaics offer endless creative ways to add distinctive style and elegance to your bathroom.

Let’s look at some of the intriguing ways you could imaginatively incorporate mosaic bathroom tiles to add personality and brilliantly heighten the aesthetics of your space.

Mosaic tiles for walls

Mosaic tiles for walls

Plain walls in bathrooms can be boring – design-wise. One way to add great depth of character to your bathroom space is to use mosaic bathroom tiles to emphasise or draw attention to a particular corner or feature of interest. Another way is to turn an entire wall into a bathroom feature by giving it colour and texture through mosaics. 

Why not consider choosing some elaborate modern bathroom tile designs to complement your space in this way? Choose from ABI’s timeless Herringbone mosaic tiles such as the Carrara Marble Herringbone or the Calacatta Tic Tac Mosaic.

Mosaic bathroom tile colours

Mosaic bathroom tile colours

With a bit of imaginative mosaic styling, your bathroom could come into its own and make an eye-catching impression. The styling possibilities are endless. However, it all starts with selecting the right colours to evoke some life in your space. While light grey modern bathroom tiles work wonders, sometimes being more daring with the colour palette can produce extraordinary results.

ABI’s beautifully divergent Calacatta Verde Square Mosaics will undoubtedly add some drama with its edgy extravagance. Made from natural Calacatta Verde marble, its thought-provoking colour, pattern, texture and stunning veining irregularities will instantly personalise a space. In terms of pioneering heritage, impressive durability and stunning beauty, Italian marble continues to rule as the finest marble in the world.

Creative freedom with your bathroom mosaic tile ideas

Mosaic tile ideas

Tap into your creative side with your modern bathroom tile designs to deliver something altogether more original and distinctive. Is there a particular off-the-wall pattern that is appealing to you? People have experimented with everything from elaborate elongated bubble designs that randomly scale the walls to transforming their bathrooms with scenic backdrops or into an aquatic-themed paradise. This creative freedom is one of the liberating qualities of mosaics.

You could also consider highlighting an interesting bathroom feature such as a recessed wall niche with either colourful, grey mosaic bathroom tiles or modern subway tile bathroom designs to make an intriguing point of difference. Why not extend a mosaic vanity backsplash so that it becomes a continuous theme that borders your entire bathroom or create a unique mosaic mural that personalises your space to instant eye-catching effect?

Mosaic bathroom floor tiles

Mosaic bathroom floor tiles

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Mosaics in bathrooms can descend to the floor level too, creating stunning texture and durability. Mosaic bathroom floors can prove a persuasive interior design feature. Not only do they evoke an extra level of decorative beauty into your space, but they are persuasively easy to keep clean thanks to the absence of the usual nooks and crannies where grime can build up.

If you have a smaller bathroom, you can make the most of your limited space with light coloured mosaics but try and avoid colourful ones as the design can work against your vision.

Mosaic shower tiles

Mosaic shower tiles

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If you are trying to introduce more power into your shower, look no further than mosaics as a creative approach to modern bathroom tiles. You could even consider coating the entire shower cubicle with mosaics to broaden its aesthetic potential.

ABI’s Carrara Marble Square Mosaics transform spaces with their naturalistic composition and can characterise an area with some beautiful inconsistency. So does the Carrara Marble Kit Kat Mosaic, which executes a superb bathroom facelift by creating intriguing focal points of interest.

Help with styling your bathroom with mosaics

Mosaic tiling

Modern bathroom tiles can take on new meaning with mosaics. However, sometimes you need help with the creative heavy-lifting. To help spark some imagination, why not book a free design consultation directly here?

Continue your bathroom design refresh by considering some of ABI’s broad range of fixtures and fittings available in signature colours such as brushed brass, brushed nickel, brushed gunmetal, brushed copper, matte black, white, or traditional chrome.