In modern kitchens, colour plays a decisive role in delivering a cohesive design.The objective is to create a consistent aesthetic and convey a sense of harmony that is carried throughout the entire home. To achieve this, architects, designers and specifiers spend much time and effort in choosing fittings, fixtures, and accessories that match together. However, kitchens feature a range of specialty products that make the task of matching elements together a challenge for all.

Colour and Flow: A Specifier’s Guide to Cohesive Kitchen Design looks at the design considerations for achieving flow and cohesion in modern kitchen design and navigating the challenges in carrying a consistent style and aesthetic from room to room. We examine the changing role of kitchens in the family home. We then consider how a coherent colour scheme and style, achieved through careful material selection, can determine the atmosphere of a kitchen. Finally, we give guidance on how to design a cohesive kitchen, including choosing the right supplier, materials and finishes.

Australia’s premium creator of architectural products, ABI Interiors is dedicated to creating high-end tapware, fixtures and other space-transforming accessories. Delivering a seamless appeal to interior design, the breadth of ABI Interior’ product range combined with their harmonious selection of colours and finishes allow designers to create kitchen spaces that flow naturally with the rest of the home.

Download this whitepaper for a closer look at the design considerations for achieving flow and cohesion in modern kitchen design.


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