While surfaces that are subject to frequent hand contact are recognised for their role in the transmission of viruses and bacteria, the role of floors is less appreciated. Studies have found evidence that floors can harbor high levels of pathogenic organisms, and thus can pose a significant health risk. In settings where hygiene is of the highest priority, such as in aged care, floor design must not only focus on aesthetics, but also consider factors such as durability and ease of cleaning to prevent conditions that enable germs and bacteria to flourish.

In Designing for Hygiene, Durability and Aesthetics: The Shift Towards Hybrid Flooring Solutions in Aged Care, we examine the relevant factors when designing hygienic floors in aged care environments. First, we look at the main design considerations when choosing a hygienic floor. We then consider the pros and cons of various flooring materials, such as timber, laminate, vinyl, tile and carpet, for hygienic applications. Finally, we look at why hybrid flooring solutions provide the ideal balance of hygiene, durability and aesthetics in aged care settings.

Style Timber, one of Australia’s leading suppliers of premium timber flooring products, is proud to present its Luxury Hybrid Flooring collection – an excellent new flooring product that gives you the look of hardwood while combining the best attributes of laminate and vinyl floors. Growing in popularity across Australia, Luxury Hybrid Flooring is a very resilient timber floor option ideal for aged care applications that demand high levels of durability, cleanliness and hygiene.


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