Talking Architecture & Design Podcast (Episode 67) - Michael Teys & Craig Penton talk about building safety as well as the future of cladding and what is happening with cladding rectification Listen Now
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    The rise of extreme weather events

    As a result of human impacts on climate change, extreme weather events have been increasing in frequency and intensity in Australia and the world. To find out more about Wintec's 2-part solution to combating the rise of extreme weather events, download this free infographic.

    The sound decision

    This free Infographic highlights the benefits of using Knauf insulation's Earthwool Product over Polyester insulation.

    The importance of dementia-friendly flooring

    This free infographic from Polyflor presents a flooring solution to accomodate dementia suffers.

    4 key steps when preparing a concrete subfloor

    Polyflor offer 4 essential steps to ensuring a subfloor that is read for vinyl flooring and how to avoid a flooring disaster in this free infographic.

    Providing acoustic comfort in modern design: Reducing noise transfer and improving sound absorption

    Exposure to excessive noise is a major health and environmental issue in both residential and commercial developments, and a growing concern for architects and designers.

    The trend towards modular construction in the Australian healthcare sector

    Once commonly looked upon as only low-quality demountable buildings, modular construction has come a long way to now offer temporary or permanent solutions that are equal or better quality than traditional permanent structures.

    How Concealed Cisterns Integrate Seamlessly with Modern Bathroom Design

    This infographic shows how concealed cisterns integrate seamlessly with modern bathroom design, creating a more spacious, stylish and streamlined space.

    Redesigning Water Systems to Minimise Legionella Risk in Healthcare [infographic]

    This infographic looks at the threat of Legionnaire’s Disease in healthcare facilities and what the building and design sector can do to minimise the risk of legionella.

    Sustainable and Functional Alternative to Traditional Concrete Spaces [infographic]

    This infographic looks at permeable grass pavers as a sustainable and functional alternative to traditional concrete spaces.

    Hot Water Systems for Medium Density Housing [infographic]

    Specifying a hot water system in the early stages of medium density design is imperative to the overall success of a project. Failure to consider hot water system early can risk adverse impacts on aesthetics and amenity of a dwelling.

    How Smart Flooring Saves Money, Time and Resources

    Find out how smart flooring saves money, time and resources in this infographic

    Which Shutters Provide the Best Thermal Insulation? [infographic]

    Find out how the thermal performance of different shutters compare in this infographic.

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