US-based lighting company, SunCentral, has developed a new indoor lighting system that claims to promote Vitamin D production, making it possible for occupants to get all the healthy benefits of natural sunlight without even having to step out their front door.

The Vitamin D SunBeamer Skylight, now available for orders, is designed to complement the company’s SunBeamer product line, which brings natural sunlight into previously inaccessible areas in buildings.

Used in skylights, atria and within tubular devices, the SunBeamer reflects sunlight over motorised panels and louvres to direct a steady beam of light into the building throughout the day, whilst tapping into a daylight harvesting system to shut off electrical lighting when the sun is out.

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“Our goal was to develop an indoor lighting system that provides much of the sun’s health benefits, including boosting the body’s ability to produce Vitamin D, while reducing the intensity of wavelengths of ultraviolet (UV) light that are more harmful than beneficial,” says the system’s co-inventor, Lorne Whitehead, Ph.D., Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of British Columbia, and Chief Technology Officer of SunCentral. 

“We have filed patent applications in the US and selected international markets.”

While the SunBeamer is a total indoor lighting system, the Vitamin D SunBeamer Skylight will stream filtered sunlight to a designated area within a building, which SunCentral calls a “Vitamin D Sun Pool”. 

All SunCentral products are available in Australia.