Tests on a new carbon-based concrete additive from Perth-based Eden Energy have produced encouraging results.

EdenCrete was tested in Australia using trial cylinders and beams of concrete made from a variety of base concrete mixtures and enriched with various proportions of Eden’s new concrete additive.

Test results of the EdenCrete-mixed samples 28 days after pouring were compared with 28-day-old test samples made with the same ratio of cement, sand and aggregate but without EdenCrete added to the mix. Key results included an average increase of 38% (over two samples that were tested) in compressive strength in one particular concrete mix; and, an average increase of 27.8% (over two samples that were tested) in flexural strength in another concrete mix.

Though the results were not uniform and varied across the range of concrete mixtures to which EdenCrete had been added in different proportions, the overall trend appeared to confirm that both the proportional compressive strength and flexural strength of the tested concrete mixes increased corresponding to the amount of EdenCrete in the mix.

Further tests under the current trial programme will take place at 56 days. The trials are taking place in the Australian laboratories of a national concrete company, which is part of a multinational group of concrete and cement companies.

EdenCrete, which in October 2014 won the Australian Civil Contractors Federation’s 2014 Environment Award, is formulated to deliver several benefits to concrete including higher ultimate flexural (tensile) and compressive strengths; improved abrasion resistance; reduced tendency for corrosion of steel reinforcement; improved concrete workability and effectiveness of water-reducer; and reduced cracks from concrete shrinkage.