Sydney-based modular housing company TEKTUM has installed an innovative bushfire protected house in the Sydney Metro region.

Considered a world-first, TEKTUM’s HOUSE2.0 represents an all-new generation of homes with bushfire protection; built to the second highest Australian bushfire attack level rating, the building significantly increases the safety of its inhabitants.

TEKTUM co-founder Nicolas Perren comments that the company is about giving their clients what everyone expects from a 21st century product: consistent quality and risk-free procurement.

TEKTUM’s HOUSE2.0 modular product range is the result of a new ‘disruptive technology’ for the building industry, transforming traditional construction into a manufacturing process, which is closely aligned with the automotive industry.

TEKTUM’s latest project is located in Bilgola Plateau, Sydney. At a 45-degree angle, the block was thought to be undevelopable by standard construction technologies. Aware of TEKTUM’s HOUSE2.0 home system, the client acquired the land at very favourable terms. The development application was granted in September, and the project will be completed in November.

Mr Perren explains that the HOUSE2.0 building platform is intended to transform the traditional construction industry, delivering high quality, safe and sustainable design in an affordable package to more Australians. The design mechanism of HOUSE2.0 allows an entire house to be transported within a standard size, then easily and quickly ‘unfolded’ on site. With all finishes and services completed in the factory, the house is ready for occupation within a few weeks of delivery to site.

In addition to the assurance of bushfire protection within TEKTUM’s HOUSE2.0, the owner also has a truly sustainable, healthy and safe home.

TEKTUM Ltd was founded four years ago to reimagine the way buildings are designed, constructed and maintained, providing affordable, safe and sustainable solutions for housing, hospitality and offices.