Specialist luxury contemporary door handle company, Haute Déco presents the Bronze Collection, the flagship line of statement handles that epitomises the brand’s unique style and aesthetics.

Haute Déco is focussed exclusively on creating exceptional quality door handles designed to adorn prime residential homes and as an artistic finishing touch to furniture.

The Bronze Collection showcases an ever-increasing anthology of rich textures worked into crisp door handle formats. A modern-day interpretation of Bronze d’Art hardware, its aesthetics harness the visual and tactile appeal of multi-dimensional textures such as natural fibres, the ripples of wood or couture-house quilted patterns.

Each item in the Bronze Collection of door handles is designed as a miniature sculpture, and is meticulously crafted for smooth working and precision fitting.

Bronze Couture is made of solid bronze, hand-polished and plated or patinated to a choice of finishes including nickel, antique bronze and golden bronze.