SE Timber has secured an exclusive supply of pre-finished solid Brazilian Teak in a choice of 11mm and 18mm thicknesses in 65mm and 95mm wide planks respectively plus Walnut and Cherry in similar sizes.

Teak, renowned for its mellow yellow, tan and reddish darkish brown hues and unique grain patterns, is one of the hardest timber floors available and is well suited to heavy traffic areas in domestic and commercial applications.

Walnut, even harder than Teak, features a distinctive range of dark red, brown and almost black hues that work equally well in very formal settings and cutting-edge contemporary design. In contrast is Cherry, a range of golden brown tones with distinctive and varied grain patterns which mature to a mosaic of deep reds.

Each piece of timber is sustainably harvested and inspected under the guidelines of the Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Natural Resources.The advantage of prefinished flooring as opposed to raw timber is its superior wear and stain resistant properties coupled with reduced installation time.

The bevelled edging of the SE Timbers’ product is designed to adapt to atmospheric variations in moisture content without any cupping, warping or movement.

Source: Building Products News.