Bathrooms now outrank kitchens as Australia’s top room to renovate. In addition to enhancing a home’s value, people try to ‘get away’ by turning the bathroom into an in-home retreat. “Homeowners looking for relief from their hectic lifestyles are choosing contemporary, chic, and elegantly understated resort style bathroomware,” says Christine Lynas, Fowler senior product manager.

Fowler has recently released the new Regent collection with simple, clean lines and organic curves that convey a resort-style feel to blend in seamlessly with any bathroom décor. As Multi Mediums stylist and designer Brett Salta says: “The range moves away from the sharper edged look of recent years, inspiring elegance in the modern bathroom.”

Displaying all the hallmarks of quality Fowler craftsmanship, Regent balances striking looks with minimalist sophistication. Just one in a series of new collections from Fowler this year, Regent is presented in cool white or elegant ivory comes in a variety of basin options including vanity basin, inset basin, semi-recessed basin, wall basin with optional pedestal or shroud and the compact, mini wall basin.

The toilet suite features Regent’s signature curved lines and also includes 4A water-saving innovations for conserving water without compromising on style.

Source: Building Products News.