An Australian company has created a formulation of industrial carbon and graphite particles that produce heat when provided with a low charge.

Invented, manufactured and licensed by Intelli Particle, the technology can be used in small amounts and utilised within the composition of a variety of construction materials, products, household fixtures, fittings and appliances that require heat, or produce heat.

It has been incorporated into paint, polymers, resins, concrete, fabric and glass, making it a viable product for architects, builders and the like.

The low charge to high heat producing qualities of the technology offer affordable opportunities and solutions aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and assisting with the adoption of alternative energy.

The technology is currently being developed for use in common building applications such as wall construction and underfloor heating.

The Intelli Particle invention will be showcased at the Design Build Expo at ICC Sydney (3 – 5 May), and the National Manufacturing Week at Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre (9 – 12 May).