A change is as good as a holiday. When it comes to the places we inhabit, spaces sometimes need to be revitalised to bring them back to life. An architect’s purpose is to create spaces where we will thrive, and sometimes bringing change can truly inspire.

The Single Dwelling (Alteration) category recognises architects who submit projects where a Class 1a building has been extended to or altered. At least 50 per cent of the original dwelling must be renovated as part of the category criteria, so it’s very much about making great change to an existing dwelling. A typical project covered by Architecture & Design is one that includes the refurbishment of an riginal building, with many architects acknowledging and respecting the character of a dwelling, while transforming it for future use. 

Above all, any alterations or additions must be completed sustainably. This is, after all, the Sustainability Awards, and the change made to a dwelling by an architect must be chiaeved with the environment in mind. 

Alexander Symes Architect’s Light House embodies the very essence of a sustainable alteration and was subsequently awarded the winner of the category in 2021. Delivering a refreshed home for his friends, the key brief for the project was to create a family home that was flooded with natural light, had room for growing herbs and incorporated electric vehicle charging in the garage.

light house alexander symes

Symes made a number of intrusions within the home to increase the amount of natural light. A new green roof on street level was created, along with a new entrance into a light and bright home.  Glass bricks were used in the boundary construction, skylights inserted throughout the floor plate and evenly distributed windows along the overshadowed western elevation all greatly improved the home’s natural light stores. All timber from the existing dwelling was adaptively reused or recycled and the main material to leave the site was the concrete tile which was recycled and reused on site.

Bondor is the proud sponsor of the Single Dwelling (Alteration) category. Providing thermal building solutions and lightweight architectural panels for Australian projects, the company is intent on consistently improving its environmental and sustainable building practices.

Aligned with the values of the Single Dwelling (Alteration) category, Bondor’s insulated sandwich panels are installed by a combination of screws, rivets and adhesives; and can be easily disassembled to be reused and reconstructed for other applications. The mastic and/or silicone sealant which hold the panels together can be easily removed, while the screws and rivets which fix the panels to the steel supports and flashings can be unfastened and panels removed and reused on other building sites.

The 2022 edition of the Sustainability Awards sees us continue the legacy, that is, the longest running event of its kind. Submissions are open now we would love to see yours. Enter here.