While on the surface, an out-of-place door or window may be written off as simply bad aesthetics, specifying the wrong window and door system can have long-term repercussions for a building and its occupants.

A new white paper commissioned by leading architectural window and door products Wintec Systems identifies three key principles behind choosing the correct and best window and door system for any project.

Windows and doors do not just act as the link between interiors and the outdoors; they also provide ventilation and daylight, and play a huge role in the acoustic health of a building.

Being a noise leak liability, windows and doors that do not mitigate sound transfer can inadvertently guarantee a noisy and stressful indoor environment.

At the same time, windows and doors provide the lowest insulating value in the building envelope. This means positioning windows inappropriately without any site-specific considerations, or choosing the wrong type, size or material, may lead to undesired heat gain or loss in a building.

The paper “3 principles architects neglect when specifying windows and doors that instantly make their Project a Failure” explores the requirements and considerations to be made when specifying windows and doors, with particular focus on:

Acoustics: Windows and doors are key points of weakness when it comes to acoustics and soundproofing spaces. The paper looks at the minimum requirements under AS 1191 as well as noise minimising tips relating to glazing, sealing, laminates and opening style

Energy efficiency: With the energy efficiency benchmark being lifted from a mandatory 5 Star energy rating to 6 stars, up to a possible 10 stars, the pressure to build and deliver green buildings is higher than ever. The paper explores the basic guidelines to follow to meet these requirements.

Economics: While sufficient acoustic properties and thermal insulation are crucial to a home’s comfort and sustainability, it is perhaps the financial benefits, both capital and ongoing savings of specifying high performance windows and doors that speaks most loudly to designers, developers and the end user.

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