Weathertex is organising a series of CPD webinars in March and April 2020 on various topics related to building with timber.

The three Webinex webinar topics are: Building Sustainably with Timber; Addressing Mould & Condensation within Stud Construction; and Fire Safety when using Timber Cladding.

All three CPD Presentations are accredited by AIS and participants will receive 1 Formal CPD Point.

1. Building Sustainably with Timber

Sustainably sourced timber is a natural carbon sink and truly renewable, making it one of the most environment-friendly building materials in the market today. With the world moving towards environment-focused sustainable designs, specifiers are increasingly turning towards timber as a building material for its sustainability, aesthetic qualities, ease of transport and speed of construction.

This CPD presentation explores the benefits of using sustainable products during construction, compares timber to other building materials, and also examines greenwashing and various third party accreditations available within the building industry.

2. Addressing Mould & Condensation within Stud Construction

This presentation will discuss condensation and mould within stud construction. Upon successful completion of this CPD webinar, participants will be able to demonstrate a general understanding of factors contributing to increased condensation; risks and possible damage of mould; the science behind condensation and vapour; the solutions that address the issue; and R Values.

3. Fire Safety when using Timber Cladding

Timber cladding is an increasingly popular choice for Australian commercial and domestic buildings due to its striking natural aesthetic, durability and low environmental impact. However, not much is known about the strong fire-resistant qualities of timber.

This CPD presentation discusses combustible and non-combustible materials, the science of timber’s reaction in a fire, and the building codes related to timber cladding and compliance.

For more information on these CPD webinars or to register for free, please visit the webinars page.