No longer concerned purely with aesthetics, interior design represents the intersection of art, health, wellbeing and the built environment. Across the globe, architects and designers are understanding the benefits of creating living spaces that are designed to promote health and wellbeing. Informed by the emergence of the wellness movement, and the public’s growing consciousness to health and environmental issues, this new design paradigm recognises the link between our immediate surroundings and our physical, mental and emotional health.

The concept of health and wellness has multiple dimensions. In terms of interior design, it involves creating spaces that positively impact physical health through carefully considered design, material and solution choices that are chemical-free, enhance occupant comfort or minimise health risks. It also involves making design choices, such as utilising balanced, soothing colour palettes and materials that emphasise sensorial tactility, that stimulate the senses, encourage productivity or enable relaxation, depending on a space’s intended purpose. 

Choosing the right interior paint

With the growing popularity of wellness-centred design, architects and designers must account for the impact of their design choices on the health and wellbeing of occupants, while also assessing the aesthetic, performance and functional profile of potential design solutions. Architects and designers are also seeking out solutions that offer the versatility and design flexibility to achieve any desired aesthetic, and sustainable products that minimise environmental harm. 

These considerations extend to the choice of paint, which has the potential to dramatically transform the look and feel of an interior space, while having a wide-ranging impact on occupant health and wellbeing, and how a living space is used and experienced. The performance profile of paint, health and environmental benefits, ease of use, durability and design versatility in terms of finishes and colours are among the key factors to be taken into account.

Wattyl I.D Advanced

Created to meet the demands of modern interior design, I.D Advanced by Wattyl is a high performance, ultra-premium paint that delivers superior levels of protection and durability in addition to a variety of performance, health and environmental benefits. In the context of interior walls and ceiling applications, paint is critical in achieving a consistent aesthetic, but it is also a key consideration in human health. I.D Advanced excels with respect to colour richness, coverage, cleanability, washability and low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), delivering in the performance areas that matter for interiors. 

Health and wellbeing

Formulated specifically for interior use, Wattyl I.D Advanced has a number of properties that benefit occupant health and wellbeing. Across the entire range, I.D Advanced offers superior cleanability, washability and stain resistance with Total Protection Technology™ that provides increased levels of protection derived from unique, high performance cross-linked acrylic polymers, mould resistance and bacterial inhibitors. This advanced formula resists mould and fungal growth and has ultra-low amounts of VOCs. The resulting paint is easy to clean and maintain, with minimal amounts of harmful toxins and chemicals, ensuring I.D Advanced is beneficial to indoor air quality. 

The toxins and VOCs in common paints and household cleaning products can have a harmful effect on human health, causing respiratory issues, headaches and long-term health issues. I.D Advanced has less than 1g of VOCs per litre, far exceeding green-building requirements. Other ultra-premium brands contain VOC levels up to sixteen times that of Wattyl’s advanced paint solution. 

Ease of application and durability

Wattyl I.D Advanced offers superior performance when compared to other interior paints, making it the ideal solution for a wide variety of applications. Recipient of a 5-star rating for durability and ease of application under the Canstar Paint ratings 2018 (a recent study of Australian interior paints), I.D Advanced offers higher levels of resistance than many other interior paints on the market. I.D Advanced can withstand rubbing and touching and is less likely to turn shiny after an intense clean. 

I.D Advanced interior paints are touch dry in 30 minutes and, after two hours, will be ready for recoat. Depending on the surface porosity and method of application, I.D Advanced interior wall paints provide coverage up to 16m2 per square metre, while the Ceiling Flat and Total Cover Matt versions provide coverage up to 14m2 per square meter. 

Wattyl offers an extensive range of ultra-premium water-based and oil-based prepcoats and enamels that can be applied together with I.D Advanced finishing coats to deliver optimum protection and enhance the finish for any project. 

Colour and design versatility

Wattyl I.D Advanced is suitable for interiors such as living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. Wattyl offers an almost limitless range of colours, providing customers in-depth colour assistance in the form of Colour Collections and Colour Guides to provide inspiration and guidance on specific looks and trends. 

Designed for use on walls and ceilings, I.D Advanced is available in the following finishes:

  • Interior Walls Matt;
  • Interior Walls Low Sheen;
  • Interior Walls Satin;
  • Ceiling Flat; and
  • Total Cover Matt.

This variety of finishes allows designers and homeowners to select the I.D Advanced paint best suited for their project.

Environmental performance

Wattyl has led the market in innovative, high performance coatings for more than a century. Protecting and enhancing Australian buildings as well as the environment, Wattyl has had a strong history of delivering high quality, environmentally friendly paint solutions. Another in a series of technical innovations from Wattyl, I.D Advanced exceeds the Green Star requirements of the Green Building Council of Australia. Furthermore, it is the only paint to carry accreditation from both Good Environment Choice Australia 

I.D Advanced has also been used in the interiors of the Royal Adelaide Hospital– South Australia's largest public hospital committed to improving global health.

Available across Australia from Wattyl Paint Centres, Mitre 10, Home, Timber & Hardware and other leading paint specialists, Wattyl I.D Advanced retails from $71.90 for a 4L can. 

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