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    Vintec Australia

    Vintec climate-controlled wine cellars are used and trusted by top Sommeliers and Chefs to store their wines in fine-dining restaurants and wine bars and are chosen by leading Architects and Interior Designers for use in high-end homes and apartments – in kitchens, dining rooms and living areas.

    Choosing Vintec is also opting for elegant-looking cellaring solutions with tinted glass and attractive lighting to not only cellar your client’s wines seamlessly but also add an irresistible look to your projects.



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    Choose any Single-Zone Vintec or Transtherm wine cabinet, and make sure you set it at 12-14 deg C as this is the proper temperature for cellaring and medium/long term storage for all wines: reds, whites, roses and champagne.

    Choose any Dual-Zone or Multi-Zone Vintec or Transtherm wine cabinet, and keep in mind that most whites are generally best served at 6-8 deg C, and most reds at 16-18 deg C. With a Multi-Zone cabinet, you can fine-tune the serving temperatures of different styles of wine: there is a temperature gradient throughout the cabinet which allows you to place different styles of whites and/or reds at exactly the right serving temperatures.

    All wines — Whites, Reds, Champagnes — cellar at the same temperature (12-14 deg C), so any Single-Zone cabinet set between 12-14 deg C is ideal for white wine and/or red wine storage. Set within this temperature range, Single-Zone cabinets will also keep humidity levels above 55% (which is important to maintain cork integrity).

    For (investment) wine to appreciate in value, proof of cellaring conditions may be requested by astute buyers. All Transtherm & Vintec Single-Zone wine cabinets set between 12-14 deg C would meet the criteria such proof would require.

    The recommended cellaring temperature is between 12 and 14 degrees Celsius. Whichever temperature you choose, the key is to remember that the temperature must be constant.

    The humidity in a wine cabinet should be over 55% so that corks don't dry out and shrink: humidity levels below 55% can lead to your wines spoiling because of oxidation. All Vintec or Transtherm Single-Zone cabinets are designed to maintain humidity levels above 55% (when set at 12-14 deg C).


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