Beyond Colour – Unicote Steel: Delivering on a long-awaited genuine alternative

UniCote, the Australian leader in premium coloured steel solutions, is shaking up the steel industry with a bold brand refresh and innovative approach that challenges the status quo.

UniCote is leading a change in the market, where an industry giant has long held sway. Drawing inspiration from the David and Goliath narrative, we are undertaking a transformative makeover, pushing the boundaries of steel, colour, architecture, and design.

“We have listened to key stakeholders in the industry and there was a resounding desire for heightened innovation and choice, so we’re delivering on that.” Our mission is to satisfy that surging appetite for a top-tier coloured steel and metal solution, providing Australians with a genuine market alternative. Our unwavering dedication to innovation and quality distinguishes us, offering a breath of fresh air in an industry searching for answers to its increasing demands. UniCote – the catalyst for change you’ve been waiting for.

In short, we are motivated to inspire you with real choice.

Over 70 colours and textured patterns

UniCote offers a wide range of colours and patterns to choose from including the timeless classics and contemporary modern shades familiar to the Australian landscape, as well as our ‘Tasman’ range with 39 additional colours inspired by the Pacific Region New Zealand landscape, while UniCote LUX takes high-end Australian architecture to a new level with unique patterned and textured steel finishes, serving as a substitute for natural timbers, Corten, zinc and exotic finishes.

An Australian steel game changer, UniCote delivers a four-tier steel solution

Over a decade ago, our journey began when we set out to provide architects, builders, installers, and designers with steel and metal solutions built for the demanding Australian environment, while effortlessly providing a timeless look. Recent developments in the industry and an ever-growing demand have reignited our ambition and commitment to the Australian steel market as we embark down an even bolder path.

UniCote isn’t merely rolling the dice; we’re reshaping the entire game. Our refined four-tiered steel and aluminium solution suite, including UniCote Select, Coastal, Extreme, and LUX, offers unprecedented versatility and choice to architects and builders, breaking free from the constraints of a one-size-fits-all approach and instead delivering to the market what it has long sought – performance-based solutions for all locations, striking patterns and colours, a responsive level of personalised service, and an overall genuine choice in colour steel and aluminium.

A modern and fresh approach – displaying industry strength

Our fresh colour palette, updated typography and revitalised logo draw inspiration from Australia’s breath-taking landscapes to present a forward-thinking and bold look that accurately reflects who we aspire to be and our commitment to leading the way forward in the Australian market.

At the core of this rebranding effort is UniCote’s brand-new website. This sleek and user-friendly platform offers a wide range of spectacular patterns and colour palettes, simplifying the exploration of profiles, applications, and steel solutions. With sharp project photography, landmark case studies we’re proud to be involved in and intuitive layouts, the website is set to become the go-to destination for anyone seeking top-tier steel solutions for their next project.

Finally, a new dawn in steel excellence

“What excites us most about this rebranding journey is the opportunity to continually engage with all stakeholders in the building and design sector. We aim to share our knowledge and introduce thrilling new possibilities for steel and aluminium that we believe will shape the next wave of design in this industry. While the industry has had access to a quality product for the last 50 years, we’re excited about what lies ahead and possibilities for the next 50 years,” says James Gregory, General Manager for Marketing & Innovation. 

We invite you to join us on this exciting narrative as we reshape the steel landscape.

Image: Peter Teakle Wines, Port Lincoln SA | The cellar door uses UniCote LUX Ashwood