Discover how UniCote’s LUX Ashwood steel cladding seamlessly integrates with the architectural vision of the Latrobe Valley GovHub, a prominent symbol of modernity and sustainability in Morwell, VIC.

Ashwood's transformative power: Elevating the Latrobe GovHub's exterior

Latrobe Valley GovHub

With a visually stunning and practical design in mind, the Latrobe Valley GovHub sought a cladding solution that could adapt to various styles while complementing the building's aesthetics. UniCote's Ashwood steel cladding proved to be the ultimate choice, effortlessly meeting all design requirements and harmoniously integrating with the building's overall visual language.

Latrobe Valley GovHub

Latrobe Valley GovHub

A $30-million project, the Latrobe Valley GovHub is a three-storey regional employment hub supporting economic growth, creating jobs and driving the industries of the future.

The Ashwood experience

The application of Ashwood steel cladding at the Latrobe GovHub showcases the material’s immense potential in real-world projects. The flawless installation and sleek finish of Ashwood throughout the building’s exterior enhance its visual appeal, creating a striking and contemporary facade that captivates everyone.

Durability that endures: Ashwood’s resilience

Latrobe Valley GovHub

With its robust steel composition, Ashwood guarantees long-lasting performance, capable of withstanding a range of weather conditions while maintaining its pristine appearance over time.

This durability ensures that the Latrobe Valley GovHub will remain an architectural masterpiece, requiring minimal maintenance and standing the test of time.

Project details

Project: Latrobe Valley GovHub

Location: Morwell

Architect: WMK Architects

Builder: Castlerock

Profile: Interlocking

Colours/ Patterns: Ashwood

Colour Ranges: LUX

Steel Solutions: UniCote LUX

Applications: Cladding

Year: 2019

Photo: The Latrobe Valley Gov Hub; ©Tatjana Plitt