In Australia, the design and construction industry is grappling with complex demands from an increasingly cost and safety-conscious market. According to a recent Australian Financial Review report, increased costs of labour and materials will push construction costs up in 2019. With local construction activity expected to remain strong, escalating costs are set to put pressure on industry professionals to identify innovative ways to deliver high quality designs within constrained project timelines and budgets. 

This task has become more challenging as recent fire disasters, namely the 2014 Lacrosse and 2017 Grenfell tower fires, have resulted in heightened demands for fire safety and compliance. Another factor is the growing industry and public concern over the impact of construction on the environment, which continues to have a significant influence on modern designs, materials and building methods. 

Responding to the evolving needs of the Australian market, designers and builders are seeking flexible, cost-effective and sustainable design solutions that do not compromise on aesthetics and performance. For premium wall and ceiling applications, Ultraflex Quick-Clip battens are one such solution.

At a good clip: Creating premium designs quickly and easily

Offering dramatically reduced installation times compared to existing batten systems, Ultraflex Quick-Clip battens are the ideal design solution where functionality, flexibility and fire-resistant properties are essential. 

This innovative, Australian-made product offers significant design and installation flexibility with battens supplied either pre-cut off-site or ready for cutting on-site to suit project requirements, customer layouts and perimeter details. Available in a wide range of profiles and finishes this linear batten system enables a wide range of aesthetic styles for walls and ceilings including authentic timber looks or sleek, contemporary designs. Colour-coded end caps to match batten finish are available, allowing designers to maintain visual consistency. With custom options available, Ultraflex Quick-Clip gives designers the freedom to create striking, high quality wall and ceiling installations in virtually any architectural style.

Ideal for time and budget-constrained projects, Ultraflex Quick-Clip battens are easy-to-use, offering fast installation times and reduced costs. This innovative system minimises complexity, providing an easy retrofit option for existing ceiling grid systems and conventional hangers. The patented, industry-leading spring clip batten connection design allows each individual batten to be fully demountable making this product easy to integrate into existing air conditioning outlets and light fittings.

Independently tested and certified, Ultraflex Quick-Clip complies with the relevant Building Code of Australia (BCA) fire performance requirements for wall and ceiling linings. On request, a Group 1 Fire Certificate is available, meaning this product meets the fire test requirements for the highest performing Group classification under the BCA. 

Enhancing acoustic performance, this solution also comes with loose supply acoustic backing as required.

One size does not fit all: Bespoke solutions with comprehensive service

Ultraflex Architectural Linings is a leading Australian manufacturer of architectural linings and bespoke joinery solutions. With extensive experience across multiple market segments, including Commercial, Health, Retail, Education and Government projects, Ultraflex have delivered some of the most challenging and complex projects across Australia.

With an expert team of qualified engineers, support staff, joiners and draftsmen, Ultraflex offers customised solutions for projects of any size. The Ultraflex team is committed to delivering on project requirements reliably, on time and at the highest standard for architectural systems and joinery. Working closely with customers and project teams, this comprehensive service includes the design, manufacture, distribution, installation and maintenance of any architectural cladding or bespoke joinery requirements. Ultraflex’s in-house 3D design capability ensures fast and flexible manufacturing services. 

Ultraflex is a member of the Timber and Building Materials Association and holds current PEFC and FSC® chain of custody certification. Where available, all Ultraflex products utilise timber sourced from sustainable sources.

For more information and to learn more about the Ultraflex Quick-Clip system, visit the Ultraflex website.