Town and Country Lawn Magic  now have a solution to large water bills faced by bowling clubs to maintain their bowling greens.

Town and Country Lawn Magic's 'no water' alternative to natural bowling greens comes in the form of a high quality synthetic playing surface. Now, before the mental picture of plastic grass seen in fast food outlet playgrounds is conjured, it is important to note that huge advances in technology and the development of synthetic grasses have occurred since the 1980's.

The synthetic playing surfaces that Town and Country Lawn Magic now install for bowling and other sporting clubs are of the highest, Australian made quality. They include DUCC underlay systems that provide player comfort through cushioning, as well as fast drainage, so the game can resume as normal, only 20 minutes after a shower of rain.

With a future of water restrictions and skyrocketing water costs, a top quality synthetic playing surface is a wise investment for all clubs, especially as any run off from rain can be collected into an underground storage tank and used in maintaining other gardens and grounds.