Total Mobility have released a range of specialised chairs for less mobile people including day chairs, power lift recline lounge chairs and specialised care chairs. Each style has an ergonomic design, extra support and mobility assistance, flexible structure and adjustable features to suit all sizes.

The day chair range is height adjustable for normal everyday seating and features the Barclay, BC1, BC2 and BC2 Premium. The Barclay is a lightweight day chair with a fully welded frame and adjustable legs. The BC1 has an ergonomically designed shell, fully welded frame and excellent back support. The BC2 has a 120 kilogram weight limit and 3 segmented back cushions for comfort and individual fit. The legs can be adjusted into 5 different positions. The BC2 Premium also has 3 segmented back cushions and adjustable legs. It also features wingback neck supports and a fully welded steel frame. There are optional neck cushions and a removable tray.

The powered lift recline lounge chairs come in three styles, the Atama, Air Comfort and Topform Brand. The Atama range features Australian made quality chairs in a range of styles and colours. There are 4 different options, each offering excellent lumbar support, padding, and an ergonomic design for ease of use. The Air Comfort range features two designs, both of which are suitable for people who require assistance sitting down and leaving their chair, and includes added pressure relief. The Topform range includes 4 different styles which are a premium range of chairs with added pressure care, and are made to fit the largest users.

The specialised care chair range features a reworked version of the Atama and Air Comfort ranges. These chairs feature push handles, large castors, stretch materials, pressure foams, and tilt and recline. They have been independently tested to confirm superior performance. The Air Comfort range also features a patented cushion system for added support and comfort.