Total Mobility  has produced a large range of lifting equipment suitable for aged care facilities, institutional homes and hospitals including slings, personal lifts, pool lifts, electric boot hoists, patient lifters and ETAC Turner Transfer Aids. Each piece of equipment is made to a high standard with ergonomic design to aid mobility and reduce strain of the user.

The slings available at Total Mobility are designed for Invacare lifters and can be general purpose, hygiene, hammock, pivot or paediatric. The Comchan floor lifter and transported provides independence and mobility in many situations and has a parking brake, removable footrests, optional safety belt, adjustable armchair, and robust smooth castors.

The Teal lift pool lift has a durable and robust construction and features a swing over arm rest, remote control hand piece, polypropylene seat, leg mount, adjustable height, and a working load of 250 kilograms. The electric boot hoist is powered by the car battery and can carry up to 90 kilograms in weight. It is easy to operate and can fold away neatly.

Total Mobility stocks 5 types of patient lifters including the Roze Stand Up, Birdie, Birdie Compact, IPL 205ee and the OMEGA 300ee. Each one is compact and manoeuvrable, and able to manage a 170 kilogram load. The ETAC Turner Transfer Aid enables the carer to move the patient easily without causing unnecessary strain to either person.