Leading Australian builder McDonald Jones Homes has chosen Taubmans as their only paint supplier to ensure quality finishes in their builds.

Founded by Bill McDonald in 1987, McDonald Jones Homes has built more than 6000 homes throughout New South Wales, Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory. The company employs 250 people across four sites and relies on an additional 2000 subcontractors and tradespeople to deliver their product into the customer’s hands.

Product quality is a hallmark of McDonald Jones Homes, and keeping this promise means choosing the right partners. Bill McDonald is committed to working only with partners that can help the company achieve their quality objectives. Aware that these partnerships profoundly affect the end product, he is highly selective about the commercial alliances formed by the company.

The team at McDonald Jones Homes chose Taubmans as their only paint supplier because they were confident that the leading paint company could deliver on the promise that once homeowners selected the colour scheme for their brand-new, architecturally designed home, the paintwork will be the best available in the Australian market.

Taubmans and McDonald Jones Homes have been working productively together now for six years, and Taubmans’ level of service in this time has been a key factor in the longevity of the relationship. During the partnership, the two companies have collaborated to deliver thousands of homes.

According to Nathan Thurston, Marketing Manager for McDonald Jones Homes, it is important in their business to have a great reputation and deliver a quality product. He notes that their tradespeople, painters and interior designers consider Taubmans products to offer advantages that are above the brand’s competitors, ensuring their homes have a point of difference.

The builder uses Taubmans Endure paint because the team believes the product is technically superior. Taubmans Endure contains ‘Nanoguard Technology’, which creates a strong protective barrier that shields the paint surface from dirt and grease, preventing degradation over time. In terms of end consumer benefits, Taubmans paints ensure a longer life for the finish, and better performance with wipe and scrub tests, when compared to competitor products.

Taubmans’ personalised service has also been an important factor in the development of the partnership with McDonald Jones Homes. Representatives operate by region under the leadership of a senior manager with each member keen to tackle challenges as they arise, repeatedly resolving them in ways that ultimately strengthen the partnership.

McDonald Jones Homes provides, as part of their service, design experts to assist in bringing their homes’ highly desirable interiors to life. Clients are invited to consult with McDonald Jones Homes professionals on important colour and design decisions at the ‘MyChoice Colour Studios’, where Taubmans paint products are on display.