Tasman’s Panel Lifting Devices from Tasman Access Floors are chiefly used in the entire Tasman access floor panels  and include ‘high pressure laminate’ panel and ‘bare’ panel surfaces. A panel lifter is chiefly used to eliminate the first access floor panel.

The Tasman Perforated Air Flow Panel measures 600mm x 600mm that allows it to well fit within stringered access floor grid. This is suited in normal foot traffic and medium loading areas.

The blend of steps, ramps and fascias give the integral finishing for most of the access floors. This combination supplies heavy amounts of foot traffic in the visible areas. Tasman Access Floors’ skilled installers deliver all kinds of access floors for the custom build construction. The entire components are derived from 25mm structural timber. The tread surface on steps and the incline surface on ramps gain durability.

The Swirl diffuser provides cool air flow into the general environment. Each 215mm swirl diffuser is suitably fitted with the control basket for balanced air. Tasman Ongrid 60CM Modular Carpet tile System from Tasman Access Floors incorporates the fittings between access floor panel and carpet tile. The OnGrid System can easily create stable surface and provide designed surface finish for access floor. It provides easy and quick access mainly to the underfloor plenum.