Statistics show that Australians spend 90% of their time indoors and approximately 1600 hours per year at work. At the same time, the workforce is increasingly focused on health and wellbeing, so much so that employers are expected to provide robust workplace health programs in order to stay competitive in today’s job market. The link between happy, healthy employees and organisational productivity is well established. Accordingly, modern workplace design must account for all factors impacting employee health, particularly indoor air quality.

'Enhancing workplace indoor air quality through efficient flooring specification' is an examination of the links between flooring solutions, indoor air quality and the health and wellbeing of employees. To begin,  this whitepaper provides an overview of the structural and environmental factors that contribute to poor indoor air quality. It then explores the health risks associated with poor indoor air quality and discusses the direct relationship between employee health and productivity and staff retention. Having established this framework, this whitepaper reviews how careful flooring specification can contribute to healthier indoor spaces and presents a number of safe, flooring solutions that can positively impact on health.

With over 120 years of experience, Tarkett has lead the market in delivering innovative, high performance solutions across all industry sectors worldwide. Driven by a commitment to sustainability and improving the quality of life for all users, Tarkett manufactures and sells a wide range of flooring solutions, including carpet, wood, laminate and vinyl flooring, that deliver superior performance, style and wellbeing.

Download this whitepaper and see why innovative, health boosting flooring solutions are the key to safer, healthier workspaces.