Sunscreen Window Tinting introduces a new range of cost-effective films from 3M for creating unique finishes on glass partitions, doors and windows.

3M Fasara films

Fasara interior design films from 3M combine Far Eastern design traditions with modern-day technology to offer innovative new ways to manage space. When applied to glass, Fasara films create a serene, etched glass appearance, reminiscent of rice paper partitions used in Japanese culture for centuries to divide interior spaces.

Available at a fraction of the cost of etched glass, Fasara films are perfectly suited for interior glass partitions or the inside surface of windows.

Fasara films are available in a choice of more than 50 textures and can be die-cut to achieve highly customisable designs. Based on the requirement, the film can be used to create a more private atmosphere or a more dynamic aesthetic.

3M Frosting: Scotchcal Frosted/Dusted and Haze/Sandblast

Available from Sunscreen, these films are cost-effective ways of creating privacy in homes and commercial applications. 3M Scotchcal Dusted/Frosted Crystal Premium Film Series 7725-300 and 3M Scotchcal Haze/Sandblast Intermediate Crystal Film Series 5525-300 can be used to create window graphics as well as internally-illuminated displays. Suitable for both interior and exterior applications, these films increase the visual impact of windows, doors and partitions while providing privacy and translucency. Complex decorative graphics can be recreated on these films.

3M DI-NOC films

Representing a range of self-adhesive films, 3M DI-NOC is available in a wide combination of patterns from natural to hi-tech, which faithfully reproduce wood, metal, marble, leather, stone and stucco looks among many others. These films offer unlimited creative flexibility and architectural freedom at reduced cost. Applications encompass hotels, offices, public transport, marine, displays and equipment.

Available in approximately 450 patterns, 3M DI-NOC films are backed by a 10-year interior warranty or 5-year exterior warranty.

3M films

Decorative graphics can be applied to walls in conference rooms, lobbies, retail environments, residential settings and offices as well as exterior windows and partitions.

Key features and benefits of 3M films include unlimited design options; high durability - will not peel or curl; translucent polyester and PVC film; permanent transparent adhesives; long term or medium term applications; installation onsite without removing the glass or window; reduced glare while blocking out 99% of UV light; and easy cleaning.