Cadorin is a beautifully handcrafted range of timber boards, expertly created by an Italian family for over 100 years. Cadorin timber is now exclusively available in Australia through Style Timber Floor.

Made in Italy, Cadorin offers handcrafted timber finishes including the internationally patented gold leaf timber finish. Only natural oils or waxes are used for the finishes, with no formaldehyde content.

“We are excited to introduce this globally renowned Italian timber to the Australian market and thrilled to have been awarded exclusivity of Cadorin’s products,” Tilly Cefai of Style Timber said.

Handcrafted finishes making a point of difference

One of the oldest in the business, Cadorin is also one of the few companies that still use the old artisan methods to produce boards with unique finishes. Featuring beautiful, hand-done finishes, Cadorin products will provide Australian architects, designers and developers with a key point of difference.

“Australians love their timbers. Much of the Cadorin range has been created to replicate the allure of almost natural, untreated timbers, which is difficult to produce and bound to appeal,” Cefai added.

Internationally patented gold leaf timber

Cadorin has also created a completely unique, internationally patented product with a gold, silver or copper leaf finish. The ‘GOLD Planks’ range can be supplied with a finish of genuine gold leaf in 12-24 karat or a finish of Gold Dust, along with a certificate of origin for the gold. The precious finishes bring a sense of luxury and warmth, and beautifully reflect the light.

“The gold, silver and copper leaf timber is incredibly unique. I’m excited to see what our most talented designers can create. These products challenge them to rethink what is possible with timber,” Cefai said.

Environmental focus

Cadorin takes a holistic approach to producing timber, using methods that respect both man and nature.

“One of the things that we found really impressive with Cadorin is that their products are completely formaldehyde-free; they only use natural oils, they use vinyl glues that are completely non-toxic, and they source most of their timber, all sustainable, all sourced locally,” Cefai noted.

Offering a broad choice of beautiful finishes, colours and sizes, the Cadorin timber range complements Style Timber’s existing product catalogue.

Style Timber Floor researches global trends and selects the most exciting and unique ranges to introduce to the Australian market – the Cadorin range of Italian made timber planks is sure to delight and inspire.

Style Timber Floor is the exclusive distributor of Cadorin timber in Australia.