Interior design is a continuously evolving field, influenced by lifestyles, materials, colours, shapes, events and more. However, one element that has always been consistent is the use of timber flooring in interior spaces. Through creativity and design innovations, old-world traditions are now meeting modern-day trends to create a bespoke aesthetic in any space.

Style Timber Floor partners with interior designers to create and provide flooring that becomes an integral part of any commercial development or residential project. Take a look at how you can use timber flooring to make a traditional statement in a contemporary way.

Herringbone floors

Parquetry has certainly made a comeback over recent years with its advantage of versatile application in different settings. Design interiors often start from the floor up, and this is particularly true of parquetry patterns such as herringbone, which is often chosen for its striking beauty and symmetry, making it one of the most sought-after wood flooring designs.

Originating in Europe during the Baroque Period, Herringbone flooring is often used to bring a sophisticated vibe to a space. Throughout the years, this design has been used to create a contemporary statement. Style Timber has been able to create a modern twist on a familiar favourite by mixing colours and materials, making it a perfect addition to any development.

Style Timber’s CASA Herringbone timber flooring is made of select grade oak only, with giant size planks measuring 950mm x 190mm x 20mm also available. With a choice of three colours, Natural, Praga and Grey Wash, these timber floor planks will fit into your lifestyle and design palette.

The Herringbone pattern can be installed either parallel or diagonal to the walls. Installing boards in a Herringbone pattern and gluing them down adds much more stability to the floor, resulting in an impactful design outcome that will look good for years to come.

Chevron flooring

Long associated with elegance and prestige, Chevron flooring patterns have been an integral part of several distinguished homes and stately architecture around the world.

The Chevron pattern is created by laying boards cut at an angle. The ‘V’ shaped parquetry creates a beautifully stunning appearance with its perfect symmetry able to create the illusion of space through its grand appearance.

Offering versatility in application, Chevron can be installed in simple to elaborate patterns by using one or a combination of species and colours, or even by making a feature wall. Chevron is often chosen by today’s architects and designers for its adaptability as well as ability to make an impressive style statement.

Making a unique design statement

Many traditional styles of flooring have European roots with their exquisite lines, patterns and tones creating a very unique statement. One particular trend in timber flooring is the use of planks in random widths and lengths. Utilising the cut of the tree in the most efficient way possible, random plank sizes create a natural and authentic feel while minimising wastage.

Style Timber’s Chalet collection comes in four colours – Invisible Oil, Mountain Grey, Spiaga and White Wash. Making the perfect addition to any contemporary design, the Chalet collection epitomises old world traditions sustained by modern day trends.