Studor Australia offers the Positive Air Pressure Attenuator (PAPA) drainage solutions that helps solve positive pressure problems in drainage systems of multi-storey complexes.

PAPA helps architects simply their design of a multi-storey building’s sanitary waste systems. The air pressure piping systems helps protect apartments, with ten and more levels, against the unwanted positive pressures generated within the architectural drainage systems, such as back pressure and positive transients.

When PAPA drainage solutions is installed with Studor’s Maxi-Vent, it creates a protection device against both positive and negative pressures. It creates a balance in returning the archtectural drainage systems back to atmospheric pressure without any traps.

Features of the PAPA air pressure equipment:

  • Replaces extensive vent piping
  • Can be retrofitted
  • Prevents transmission of odorous sewer gas
  • Eliminates risk of water leakages
  • Reduces the need for fire stopping devices
  • Provides greater freedom of design
  • Requires no maintenance
The PAPA drainage solutions, from Studor Australia, is capable of dealing with 4 litres of back pressure and can be installed in series to a maximum of 4 units.